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Richfords host managing moisture CPD session

Richfords are delighted to be working with the CIOB to be hosting an upcoming session for the building and construction industry on managing moisture on projects.

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Concerns over the construction quality in some newly-built homes

Questions are being asked about the quality of construction in some new-build housing projects.

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Climate change adviser tells government a better flood plan is needed

A top government adviser on climate change is standing down this month - but only after delivering a severe warning.

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Torrential rain creates flash floods in a US city

Cars were washed down streets and at least two people have died in a 1 in a 1000 rain event.

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Flooding plan for Northumbrian Water

Cars floating during flooding in the UK

Northumbrian Water is planning to spend £890,000 on a project to increase sewer capacity to prevent flooding.

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Six things to do after water damage

A fast response is essential after a water leak or flooding. Whether in your own house or in a shop, office or factory, there are five easy things that should be done quickly.

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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

What can be done then on these long hot days when the only thought bothering us is what type of gin to have and whether it’s time to go for a swim? ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ means that we should prepare for inclement weather. Here's how.

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Committee demands flood-risk management overhaul.

Major reform of the system for managing flood risk is needed according to a House of Commons environment and rural affairs committee report.

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Beavers have been reintroduced to the UK and are reshaping land to be flood-resistant

This BBC article explains how newly-introduced beavers have quickly reshaped a landscape and meant that water travels more slowly through it.

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The late summer floods hit festivals and test flood defences

Weekend weather washes out music festivals and closes streets in a North Devon town.

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