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Sodden presents do not make for a very merry Christmas

ith flooding becoming increasingly prevalent across many parts of the UK, flood recovery experts are warning householders to think about where they store presents ahead of the big day. Richfords Fire & Flood in Redruth, Bracknell and Cullompton suggest that gifts should be stored upstairs in case of any big downpours washing out ground floors. […]

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Protecting the priceless – Do you have a Da Vinci on your wall?

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Embed from Getty Images Christie’s auction house in New York has broken the records for selling a work of art. An anonymous buyer has purchased Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Christ ‘Salvator Mundi’ for $450.3 million. The painting was once bought for just $60 when it was thought it was painted by one of the master’s […]

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What we can learn from Irma

Following a huge tragedy in the Caribbean, we send our thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by this disaster. We also believe it is right to learn what we can from every disaster; however big or small. Each flooding event is a catastrophe for the individual – particularly where something personally valuable […]

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