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How we work

A freak incident such as a fire or a flood can not only catch you off guard, it can leave you and your family feeling vulnerable; questioning what you should do next. We want you to feel like you are in safe hands when speaking to Richfords.

Our dedicated team is here to talk you through every step of the process, reassuring you and communicating closely with the insurer, so you know as soon as every stage is complete. We want to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

During the process of managing your claim, our team will guide you through four simple stages, explaining along the way what you can expect from us. For more information, watch our video below.

For more information call our 24 hour response line – 01209 722 522


Our intake stage is all about us taking the time to get to know you and what has happened with your property. We understand that you’ll want to know how long the process will take and if we can save any prized possessions.
No matter how big or small, we will take the time to understand all the key details of your claims so we can ensure you are away from your property for the least amount of time possible. We’ll take some key details including your contact details and what aspects of your property have been damaged. From this we can carefully advise on measures to protect your possessions, ensuring no further damage occurs.

We’ll give you a time where one of our Technicians can be with you quickly and promptly, so they can start the next stage of the process – stabilisation.


This is one of the most important stages in our recovery process as it ensures damage is minimised and your possessions are protected from any further harm. On arriving at your home at a time agreed with you, our skilled Technicians will ensure measures are taken, so no further damage will occur. They will assess the damage and send a report to your insurer. This process happens almost immediately, as we want to ensure we take all appropriate measures to ensure you and your home are in a safe position and are not at risk from secondary damage.

At Richfords, we are experts in stabilising properties, which not only means you can return to your home as quickly as possible, but it also reduces the overall claim. We will talk you through the process, ensuring you understand what is happening every step of the way.


After the stabilisation process, we will start the process of recovering your home. We have a network of contacts who we will source and arrange for them to come and start working and recovering your items at times convenient to you and ensure minimal interruption in your day to day life. In some instances, we may need to take items away from the property to allow restoration experts to repair those possessions that need extra special care and attention.


Once the full recovery has taken place, we will be in touch to ensure you are happy with the service you have received, and if everything has been returned to your home to the standard expected. We will be in touch after everything has returned to normal to carry out a feedback survey and understand your experiences with us.