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Who are Richfords?

At Richfords we are restoration specialists. That means that our BDMA trained technicians are experts in restoring your property following fire or water damage. We have built up an excellent reputation both locally and nationally with over 30 years of experience at the forefront of the damage restoration industry.

Many insurance companies from all over the UK instruct us to carry out work on their behalf, to help their customers recover from fires, flooding and water damage.

We work on all types of properties from residential to large commercial offices and factories. Many of our previous customers refer us to friends, family and colleagues if they have also been unfortunate enough to suffer a damage-causing incident.

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Do you work with all insurers?

At Richfords we are happy to work with all UK based insurers. When our Technicians visit you they will complete a survey and report, which we will send you your insurer so that they know what work is required and what the cost will be. When you sign our Policy Assignment Mandate we will be able to deal directly with your insurer and therefore reduced the hassle of you having to manage your claim.

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My Insurer Says I Have To Use Their Preferred Supplier, Can I still use Richfords?

When your home or business is affected by an incident and you need to make a claim, many insurers are able to assist by offering you the skills and expertise of there preferred suppliers. However, it is important to remember that it is YOUR home or business that has been affected and therefore your choice who carries the work.

Richfords happily work with all of the insurers in the UK and if, you would like us to carry out your work on your claim then call us on 01209 722522. Also, if you would like any further help or advice with this matter then we will be happy to assist. Your insurer may ask to see our costs before we complete all of the works, that is fine we will produce an itemised report so that they are clear on what work we are carrying out.

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What Can I Expect when I Call Richfords?

Our approach to claims follows the guidelines set out in the British Standard for Damage Management, BS12999. Therefore when you first call Richfords one of our Claims Handlers will speak to you about the damage you have suffered so that we can gain a full understanding of the incident.

Once we have gathered all of the information we need and have had the opportunity to fully understand your needs our Claims Handler will then arrange a convenient time for one of our Restoration Technicians to visit the property and carry out the emergency stabilisation work. This Stabilisation work needs to be carried out by an expert Restoration focused technician because their expertise will ensure that the damage is reduced and more of your treasured possessions can be saved.

Our Technicians initial work may include activities such as extracting standing water, removing soot from the air, installing dehumidifiers, cleaning fragile contents items. Richfords rapid response vehicles carry an extensive amount of equipment. So our technician will install any necessary equipment such as dehumidifiers or air scrubbers.

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What is a Policy Assignment Mandate?

Richfords Policy Assignment mandate is a form that your Richfords technician will ask you to sign when they first attend your property. The mandate has three main functions. The first is that by signing the mandate you are instructing Richfords to help you by carrying out restoration work in your property. Secondly, the mandate gives Richfords and your insurer permission to discuss your claim. Without a signed mandate the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) prevents Richfords and your insurer from being able to communicate. Finally, the mandate instructs your insurer to pay Richfords invoice directly. Therefore you do not have to worry about paying us and then claiming the money back.

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What services does Richfords offer?

We offer a full range of restoration services to tackle flood, fire and water damage. For example our technicians' carryout:

Building Drying
Water Extraction
Sewage cleanup
Sanitisation and Hygiene testing
Targeted Drying to release trapped moisture
Mould Remediation
Fire Damage Restoration
Soot and smoke removal
Odour remediation
Air Quality Remediation
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Do you do furniture restoration?

Yes, If your treasured item has been affected by an incident then call us to discuss restoration. At Richfords we are experts in carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal and wooden furniture restoration. If you would like us to assess a piece of furniture call us on 01209 722 522 or fill our online instructions form.

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When are your offices open?

Monday to Friday 8am–9pm (excluding bank holidays).

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What geographical area does Richfords cover?

Richfords can carry out damage restoration work all over the UK. Please speak to one of our Claims Team on 01209 722 522 if you need assistance or to discuss a claim.

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How long will the drying take?

The amount of time it takes a property to dry after water damage depends on the amount of water that affected the property, the dwell time of the water and how long it was in the property and the construction of the building. So, for example, a few litres of water that escapes from a pipe into a brick built home will dry out much more quickly than a 2ft deep flood affecting the entire ground floor of a timber frame property. Your Technician will take moisture readings on each visit and these results will let you know how the drying is progressing.

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Can you help find my burst pipe?

Yes, at Richfords we offer a leak detection service. If you have damp or moisture in your home and you suspect that you have a burst pipe from an unknown source, leak detection will help you locate the source of the water.

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Who Pays For The Electricity The Equipment Uses?

If your work is part of an insurance claim then the insurance company will pay all costs of running any equipment we install.

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How much will the restoration work cost?

Every incident is different so we will provide you and your insurance company with a customised price for our works. Richfords have agreed rates with insurance companies so that you know the cost is appropriate. In the first few hours of your claim our Technician will carry out a survey of the damaged areas and we will then use this to produce a quotation for the required works.

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What happens after my Technician has made the first visit?

During the first visit, your Technician will have discussed the damage with you, carried out actions to limit the damage and prevent it spreading and produced a damage report which we will use to plan the required restoration. Following the visit, the survey will be turned into a quotation, which we will send to your insurance company. Our claims team will then arrange for your Technician to return to your property and begin the Recovery phase of your claim. This phase may include installing additional drying equipment, removing soot residues or restoring furniture.

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