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Richfords Remote Monitoring System

The End of Waiting in at Home!

Over the 40+ years Richfords has been giving their customers their lives back after fires, flooding and water damage claims two things have remained constant: –

1, After an incident customers love to see our technicians arrive at their home or business. Richfords first visit is a big deal, it’s the beginning of the end of the incident. Out customer knows that our technician will soon be reducing the damage and using the latest restoration techniques to get things back to normal.

2, After the initial site visit, customers hate to see our technicians arrive week after week to inspect how the drying is progressing. No one likes to take time off work to wait for an appointment.

Smart Technology
New smart technology has now virtually eliminated point 2. Richfords Remote Monitoring System measures moisture and humidity levels in your property and displays the reports the results directly to your Richfords Technician. So now your technician can check the progress of the drying without ever visiting. This means more data for us and far fewer visits for you. Everyone wins.

If you have a water damage claim and want access to the peace and efficiency remote monitoring brings, ask your insurer for Richfords Fire and Flood.



“Even if you are leaving home for a short trip to see relations, it is a good idea to set the thermostat to keep pipes from freezing up.”