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Virusafe – Cleaning and the Application of Disinfectant

COVID-19 Disinfectant Fogging

Key Benefits

  • Emergency Cleaning and application of disinfectant
  • Instant onsite hygiene test results
  • Reoccupy premises in as little as 2hours after cleaning
  • Application of EU BPR compliant disinfectant
  • No residues after the application of disinfectant
  • No Chlorine or Alcohol used

Richfords have built a 40-year reputation in providing premium emergency cleaning solutions for commercial, industrial and business clients. A growing number of clients have asked us to develop a service for cleaning, sanitisation and the application of disinfectant, tp protect against viruses, bacteria and mould. 

Richfords Virusafe service makes use of proven technology and methods to meet the highest standards. Following the recent outbreak, there has never been a better time to protect your staff and customers than now!

The Virusafe Cleaning and Application of Disinfectant service employs a three-phase emergency cleaning approach to ensure maximum results and peace of mind. Call today on 01209 722 522 or fill out our contact form and one of our trained Project Mangers will call you back, CLICK HERE

Phase one: Cleaning

The first phase is a cleaning cycle where we recommend a thorough cleaning of frequent touch-points with an anionic detergent. Ideally, this work should take place before our arrival.

Richfords Virusafe service provides COVID-19 Cleaning, Sanitisation and the application of disinfectant fogging to give you peace of mind when opening your premesis.

Phase two: Testing

Once cleaning and sanitisation are complete, Richfords will carry out extensive hygiene testing of your premises to ensure that cleaning has been effective and to provide maximum peace of mind, regarding the effectiveness of the sanitisation. We provide these test results to you for your records.

Phase three: Application of disinfectant

Following successful Hygiene testing, Richfords will apply the Virusafe fogging treatment. This full-surface and atmospheric application of EU BPR compliant disinfectant is highly effective in the eradication of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, the treatment leaves no residues, and the
building can be ready for reoccupation in as little as 2hrs.

Why is fogging so effective?

Making use of an independent and extensively tested hydrogen peroxide-based solution, the Richfords Virusafe fogging system is highly effective application of disinfectant and in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and fungi. Hydrogen Peroxide affects the cell wall of these organisms and thus denatures them.
The use of a fogging treatment means that the disinfectant is evenly applied to all areas and ensures effective treatment.

Project Management

Richfords appoint a dedicated Project Manager for each Virusafe service.
Your Project Manager ensures that you have a single point of contact and ensures smooth delivery of the service.

Use of Premises

Following the cleaning phase, we can complete the testing and application of disinfectant phases in as little as two hours.

Domestic Premesis

Naturally many people are concern about how to keep their home clean and safe during the outbreak. Cleaning should focus on high contact areas. Start by cleaning high contact surfaces, such as door handles, any work surfaces. Use a clean cloth and apply a anionic detergent to the cloth and carefully wipe surfaces until clean. Change cloths regularly to avoid spreading contamination. 

Once surfaces are clean from dirt and soil then apply a disinfectant solution, many suitable disinfectants are available from your local supermarket. Unicef provide further useful information about cleaning and applying disinfectant in you home, CLICK HERE for more information. 

Why choose Richfords

Richfords has over 40 years’ experience in accidental damage restoration, that’s why we are perfectly placed to guide you through each stage. We are used by many of the UK’s major insurance companies on their policyholder’s claims, so you know that you’re in safe hands when talking to us.

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