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Fine Art Transport

Fine Art Transport and Restoration

When a fine artwork is damaged by fire or water, it requires immediate attention to prevent further deterioration. Fine Art Transport to a safe location for restoration and repair is a crucial step in the process. However, transport of delicate and valuable artwork is complex and requires careful planning and execution. This article will discuss […]

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Moisture Measuring

When measuring moisture many water damage technicians regard Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) as a reliable moisture measuring method. Recommended target moisture measurment levels for floor screeds in British Standards, such as BS8203, are given as an ERH value. WHERE DO WE BEGIN? We can measure moisuture by measuring the ERH within hygroscopic material by measuring […]

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Can mould and damp affect my health?

We might be surprised when even a new-build develops damp walls and floors because of excess moisture from the construction process.

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Seven steps to reduce flood damage

Flood damage UK

A fast response is essential after a water leak or flooding. Whether in your own house or in a shop, office or factory, there are seven easy things that should be done quickly.

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Make hay whilst the sun shines

In this hot summer where temperatures have reached the low thirties, its easy to lie back and forget about all those problems you had with damp this winter. However, this is exactly the time we should be taking action to prevent them returning.

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