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Jobs Vacancies

Richfords job opportunities give you the chance to join us in this important and rewarding work. These vacancies will put you in the business of giving people their lives back following fires and floods. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and continue to innovate and develop the service we provide.

Richfords is a fast-paced hard working environment. You can expect to be heard and for your opinion to count, and that it’s possible for your suggestions to become a reality. A place where the work you do has value and purpose. Where the day to day is more varied and complex than you might expect.

What about you? If we are the right company for you, you’ll be naturally responsible and thorough. You will love to work productively with like-minded colleagues, supporting each other to get the job done, especially on the tough days. You like to be trusted and given responsibility, and you like to continually learn new skills. You will have a generally flexible approach to your responsibilities and find it easy to behave in the right way in different situations. We need individuals with various qualities and strengths.

You need to be a person who likes to learn – we will provide a variety of training methods using audio, video, and print supplemented by face-to-face training and coaching. These subjects could include information on building structures, insurance matters, our leadership and management methods, the use of our IT and mobile technology and specialist fire and flood restoration techniques, as well as compliance with BS12999.

You’ll probably gather from this that you would be given a high level of trust and so the team would expect you to be someone who is naturally trustworthy and ethical, who they can rely on to be truthful and open.

You will need to be able to demonstrate leadership generally when consciously linking your behaviour and actions to our values. Your own personal values are likely to be closely aligned with our values, or you will be able to easily connect with our values, and demonstrate through your behaviour that you do.

Because we are expanding we have a number of different job opportunities. Please continue reading and if one of the roles described below feels right for you we invite you to apply.

Once you have completed the application form, please return by email, along with your CV and write “I’m interested in (role title)” in the subject, to recruitment@richfords.com