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Dehumidifier Hire

In addition to being restoration specialists, Richfords offers a dehumidifier hire service to commercial and domestic customers.

Richfords dehumidifier hire service offers customers the opportunity to use commercial grade drying equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing these state of the art dehumidifiers.  Excess moisture can cause damage to your building and the contents inside, including mould and rot growth. Elevated moisture conditions can lead to an uncomfortable damp environment which reduces your quality of life. Dehumidifier hire can help you.

Richfords have a wide range dehumidifiers available to you from small machines suitable for drying one room, to large commercial machines that can dry a whole house.

We work with a range of different customers from construction companies, plumbers and domestic customers. So whatever the project we have the right dehumidifier hire for you.

In addition for complex projects our in house Richfords engineers are always available to design a drying installation for you and carry out the installation and monitoring of the drying process.

Our dehumidifier hire fleet can be collected from anyone of our three service centres, which are located in Bracknell, Cullompton and Camborne.

Why choose Richfords

If you are looking to use equipment such as dehumidifiers and you aren’t looking to buy them, Richfords can offer cost effective solutions that allow you to use industrial machinery for a fraction of the price.

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