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Fire Damage

The devastating effects of a fire can cause a great deal of distress and upset, leaving you wondering what happens next.

We work closely with you and your insurer to get all the information we need, so we can deploy a technician to your property quickly. We want to minimise the time you are away from your home, so you experience the least amount of upheaval, and return to normality as soon as possible. All our team are skilled in restoration, and prompt action is vital to ensure secondary damage is avoided. When on site, we will quickly take action to prevent corrosion, straining, and improve air quality. We set up equipment to remove airborne particles. These can potentially be a health hazard to individuals and can result in new contamination as they settle from the air.

We also want to help restore your belongings and prized possessions. We have a host of specialist restorers that we can call upon for items such as antique furniture, fine art, or fabrics. We also offer a high net worth recovery service for those priceless possessions that need extra special care and attention.

Why choose Richfords

We are able to adapt and tailor the restoration process to meet the needs of our customers.  We want to ensure we use the right and most cost-effective methods to repair and prevent future damage. Our engineers use a range of leading-edge technology to restore your property and belongings as close to their previous state as possible.

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