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Flood Damage

The devastating effects of a flood can leave your home in turmoil.

Often unexpected, and catching you unprepared, we are here to support you every step of the way in restoring your property back to normal.

Our priority is to help you to return to your home or premises as quickly as possible causing minimum disruption to you and your family. Our main priority is to start recovering the property and your possessions as soon as possible before secondary damage starts to occur.

We’ll arrive on the scene within hours, survey the damage, extract standing water, carryout sanitisation, cleaning and then install drying equipment to return moisture levels to normal. providing you with helpful advice on what to do to before we arrive to ensure the damage is as limited as possible.

Why choose Richfords

Togetherness forms part of our core values. This means we want to work with you and your insurer to recover your possessions and reduce the overall claims costs as well as the overall time spent away from your property.

We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to determine the right approach when recovering your property. We’ll make several assessments, measure humidity and carbon dioxide levels and moisture content to ensure the minimum drying times.

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