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Leak Detection

If you or your plumber is unable to locate the source of the leak due to unforeseen obstacles such as walls, cupboards or floorboard, leak detection can be a handy service.

We use especially designed equipment to find and expose the leak quickly, so our team are able to fix and repair the damage with the minimal intrusion to you. Richfords can offer you a detailed moisture assessment, thermal imaging and tracer gas detection as part of our leak detection offering.

We work with insurers, loss adjusters, builders, plumbers, estate and letting agents, maintenance managers, facilities management companies and homeowners to trace the source of water leaks and get to the route of the problem.

Why choose Richfords

Our engineers use specialised leak detection equipment to find the route of the problem, whilst ensuring little or no damage to your property. We have experience in finding leaks using various leak detection methods that will accurately pinpoint the source.

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