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New advances in monitoring drying using wireless technology

Richfords Fire & Flood has developed a system which enables technicians to reduce the amount of site visits to monitor the progress of drying properties after flooding or an escape of water.

A small box and probe has been designed to measure moisture and humidity and transmit the data back to the technician.

This means that the people living or working in the affected building will not be disturbed as much as previously when a technician might have to drive hundreds of miles for a single measurement.

This means that Richfords Fire & Flood can bring its restoration skills to a larger number of people over a bigger geographical area.

The system also has another benefit; reducing the restoration company’s carbon footprint by approximately 20 tonnes/annum.

Watch our film where MD Steven Richford explains more about it.

“New technology helps us restore buildings after flooding with minimal intrusion into occupants' lives.”

Michael Cooper